Monday, October 20, 2014

Daily Kitchen, Melbourne CBD

I hiked down to T's end of Little Collins to drop off a snack pack for him and he suggested getting lunch.

The Daily Kitchen was close by, and it appeared bright and clean and looked inviting. 

It reminded me a little of Earl Canteen, and a little of Nashi. Both of which are places that I like for their well priced, tasty, healthy office-friendly offerings. The Daily Kitchen is similar with their salads, sandwiches, wraps, desserts and snacks.  
They also have these incredibly ingenious lunch boxes which are packed with many little mounds of foods, much like a bento box, and made up of super foods and other healthy ingredients. Perfect for a glutton with an unfaithful appetite like I have as I find it hard to fixate on one food item at a time.

On this occasion, we got the GF creamy cheese egg salad sandwich, an ancient grain salad which is also GF and some tahini balls. I thought the tahini balls were also GF, or at least did not contain significant levels of gluten to cause material disturbance to T's functionality.
It's not like I was irresponsibly encouraging him to woff down a donut or sneak in a croissant.

Anyway, T and I made a bet and the matter is still pending deliberation as we are waiting to hear back from The Daily Kitchen. I, in my quest for the truth, took it upon myself to email the company on this important point of contention. 

To be continued... 

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Champions Bistro, Clayton

This is perhaps one of the most incredible dining experiences that I have experienced. 

Champions Bistro is a short term pop-up started by Clinton McIver, who is ex-Vue de Monde.

The concept is casual fine dining and our experience was notably casual and especially fine. Champions has retained the fittings and furnishings of the Bowls Club by adopting the slightly dated carpet, unassuming plastic tables and pleather upholstery on the chairs.
Paper napkins are paired with artisan ceramic ware and wine glasses are appropriately sized. We get individually printed menus, but the paper is plain white and the font is simple.
I squeal in delight at discovering the pink sea salt on the tables.
The first few courses are highly innovative and the combination of ingredients challenges even the most promiscuous taste buds.

After this came the best tasting bread that I have had in a long time. It's obviously baked fresh on site and it was perfect in every aspect. We couldn't get enough and our waiter generously offered to bring us another loaf.


Following on, we were treated to a few more delightful of epicurean ingenuity. There were prawns which tasted like lobster, wallaby which tasted akin to 9+ wagyu and root vegetable that mimicked foie gras. I was pleasantly gobsmacked!

My astonishment only grew when they brought out a brown paper box with the most interpretive cheese toast I have ever been served. It was essentially a few dollops of good creamy cheese, dotted with a fruit jam, held between two thin slices of biscotti. It was fantastic!

Then came the desserts. Two desserts in fact. My heart leapt a little when they lain two dessert spoons down in front of me and my incredulity only grew as I tasted each one.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Touchwood, Richmond

We were back for another brunch session and with a larger group this time, the wait was almost an hour. But they kept us informed and I like how we could still order coffees and other beverages whilst we waited.

Finally a large table near the in the courtyard became available and we were duly seated. The menu hadn't changed much since our last visit and our favorites were all still on there. 

I opted for a bevy of beverages including a coconut marinated cold drip coffee and the salted caramel hot chocolate by Mork.

The cold coffee was strangely pleasant and I liked the subtle hint of coconut. Having the milk on the side was also a nice touch. It was a good palate cleanser for the rich creamy sweet chocolate by Mork.

I had Mork at a dessert pop up event earlier this year and it is now one of my favorite brands. The hot chocolate was indulgently velvety and almost a meal onto itself.

R however had ordered the smashed avocado on toast which came along with a number of things on the side that she found unfamiliar so I, being the helpful friend that I am, offered to help out. It was a wholesome dish and consisted of a variety of healthy ingredients.

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