Saturday, April 19, 2014

Prospect Hill, Camberwell

was having a particularly punishing morning and felt the need to even things out with a good dose of caffeine. 

First up was a long black made with 'beans....blah blah....from Rwanda'. My coffee habit isn't a particularly academic one and thus I wasn't as moved by the fact. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

BlackBall China Town, Melbourne CBD

I am a self-confessed dessert fan and an Asian dessert fanatic. When Dessert Story opened, I lined up, when MeetFresh launched in Australia, I was ga-ga and substituted MeetFresh for dinner for two nights in a row.

Aside: If I could, I would use my dinner budget on Asian desserts every night of the week and become a star analyst. Desserts => Happiness = Creative Ideas x Smart Thoughts x Efficient Methods = Awesomeness

Anyway, thus given my predilections, I was very surprised to hear about BlackBall from someone else, and a very unlikely source at that. My friend A isn't exactly the kind of poster boy that one might expect for a place like BlackBall. Well, because he's white, i.e. a non-Asian shade of white, and certainly not black like BlackBall.

Even so, kowtows to A for sharing BlackBall with me. Its extensive menu and close proximity to the office is likely to make it an excellent source of comfort, solace and happiness. The interior is still new and shiny and the staff are friendly and easygoing. Our orders were swiftly made and concoctions tasted delightful. As a testament to the generous portion sizes, neither of us could finish what we had each ordered despite our most valiant efforts. Perhaps we will have to succumb to sharing next time.

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Baker D Chirico Pop Up Store, Melbourne CBD

Situated on CrossleySt, near a number of other eclectic little boutiques, the crazy bunny wallpaper didn't even seem that strange.

I'd been reading about it all week and finally got the chance to make it there this afternoon to get my hot cross bun fix! Having T in tow was an added bonus (he'd just dropped off a little box from La Belle Miette containing what I would soon discover to be 1/2 doz. hot cross bun-esque macarons - cue shriek at my desk).

The shop was lots of fun and I enjoyed looking at the offered products ranging from muesli, fruit jelly, biscuits, candy, and even noughurt.

But the main attractions of the store are the glistening hot cross buns and the equally glossy croissants and pastries. Boy do they look glorious!

Unfortunately for T, there weren't any gluten-free options available, so he could only imagine the delightful experience of savoring two plump (hot cross) buns. Jokes aside though, I was a bit disappointed to find that the buns did not feel or taste as plump and soft as they looked. 

I suppose that I should have known, as this modern phenomena is not only limited to buns of the hot-cross variety nowadays. Anyhow, I was also a bit miffed that the buns weren't spicy enough although the fruits and raisins were plentiful! 

That being said, I regret nothing (that's what s/he said!).

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Baker D Chirico Carlton on Urbanspoon


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