Friday, March 27, 2015

B'Cos, Melbourne CBD

I get excited when T gets excited about food. He’s quite specific in his preferences and has taken me to some real gems including Gopal’s, Kenzan, and Coffee Extraction.

B’Cos, with its healthy and delicious Brazilian platters at sensible prices, is another one that we can add to the list. For ~$15, you get to choose a meat, some beans, some rice, a lot of vegies and a range of toppings and garnishes. The variety is astonishing! If you mention that you’re a first timer, they might even be nice enough to let you go half and half on the meat.


I asked T about his favourite type of meat from B'Cos, and he answered, the pork, or the chicken, or the beef, pausing between each answer to smack his lips in appreciation. As for me, I was quite a big fan of their grilled chicken which was smoky and succulent, and amazingly tasty. 

Despite its central location, the entry is slightly obscure as entry needs to be made from Equitable Place. Also, it’s still early days which means that its existence is only known to those who know, and without T’s guidance, I wouldn’t have thought to venture down this crowded and narrow alley for a good feed. It predominately caters to the 9-5 crowd from the surrounding office buildings and commercial retail spaces, so expect to jostle a bit for seats and / or dine on the communal benches.
B’Cos reminds me very much of the famous American chain Chipotle which is also highly regarded amongst discerning students, office workers, tourists and foodies alike. One day, perhaps B’Cos can also branch out and expand its franchise, especially to my end of the city. In the meanwhile, I have a pretty good reason / excuse to continue visiting T.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Taxi, Melbourne CBD

Situated in the best corner of Federation Square, Taxi has the advantage of a central location, sweeping views of Melbourne, from the banks of the Yarra, through the Arts Centre, towards the Casino and the Aquarium and all the way past the Rialto, back to St. Pauls . It gained infamy initially due to its iconic location and over time, with its consistently good food, and vibrant atmosphere, it has become a popular and well known institution. Melbournians and visitors from both near and far come here out of habit and curiosity. 

My history with Taxi has been lacking as I had missed out on two team dinners / lunches held there. My curiosity was reignited as one of T's bosses had mentioned that he had an interest in the venture. Thus it was only fitting that T and I came here for dinner with T's colleague J and his lovely new wife, S.

We were seated in the back corner of the restaurant which gave us a rather nice view as well some quiet privacy as the rest of the upstairs dining area began to fill as the night progressed. However, because we were slightly tucked away, we were more out of the way for the servers as the restaurant became busier. We preferred it that way as we had plenty of conversation, wine and good food to get us by. 

We shared some trusted favorites of a beetroot salad with goats’ curd, anchovy & capers and sake washed tuna with a soy bean pesto & white radish salad as entrees, recommended by J and the head waiter.

As for choosing mains, it was a very easy decision since there were four of us and the menu recommended the lamb shoulder roast for sharing between four. The lamb shoulder was very robust and came with plenty of roast vegetables to provide a more balanced dish. The meat was nicely cooked, and its sweet succulence indicated that it had retained a lot of its juice. This was in part due to the significantly fatty skin, which was just a tinge fattier than I would have preferred. 

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Sunday, March 22, 2015

Vamos, Melbourne CBD

Juan and his team kindly invited me along to Vamos, their exciting new upstairs venture, at the top end of Little Bourke St. 

The space is dark and moody and provides a simultaneously grungy yet also sexy vibe. 

There are a variety of seating options, such as our little table for two near the DJ, a row of booths for small sized groups, and longer benches for larger groups.

To start the night, ordered some chips and some tostadas, as well as cocktails. We had been at Stokehouse earlier on, and our appetite was certainly already whet.

The food arrived quickly and we both became quite enamoured with the guacamole that accompanied the chips. 

The tostadas were small in size, but filled with ingredients. I found them easy and tasty, but T was less of a fan and opted to revisit the chips. He prefers simpler combinations and I think the intense variety of unknown ingredients may have been too overwhelming. 

For mains, we shared some jerk chicken and some wagyu beef skewers. Although jerk chicken is a rather unfortunate moniker, jerk refers to the cooking technique employed to make the chicken tender and tasty. 

The wagyu beef skewers were also a treat and I liked their smoky succulence. The salsa which accompanied these provided a good balance to the really strong meaty flavours.

Afterwards, we sampled the flourless chocolate cake which was very sweetly presented amidst swirls of thick cream with a berry skewered to the top. I liked the concept a lot, although would have preferred something a bit sweeter in taste. 

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