Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Babushka Almond & Coconut Milk Youghurt

In an order to control my wild appetite and in a bid to maintain some semblance to healthy, I've started to consume an interesting array of foods. 

One of the trends which I've really enjoyed is the option to move away from traditional dairy products to other alternatives. 

Gone are the days when an order or soy chai latte would send the barista into a bout of confused indignation. Soy milk has become almost as commonplace as raw sugar.

This is so especially as its cooler cousins 
coconut milk and almond milk have bust onto the scene. I'm a big fan of both varieties and would happily gulp down a glass of almond mylk, whereas a small sip of dairy milk can still send me running for the nearest vomit bowl. 

Thus, it was with utter delight to discover Babushka's Almond & Coconut Milk Youghurt at Spring Street Grocer's. 

I found this to be quite delicious, as it was expectedly light and surprisingly flavorful. I tried a few dollops with my fruit salad, and mixed the rest in with some Birscher muesli. It does exactly what traditional youghurt would do, although lacks most youghurt's characteristic sourness, which I preferred.

Gingerboy, Melbourne CBD

After a wonderful day out at the Caulfield Cup, T and I wanted a lazy dinner. Longrain was the initial thought as it is next door to my apartment, however I wanted to find somewhere fresh for both of us.
It was a slightly warm Saturday evening, and as T meandered over after completing his daily trading, I cruised over around 8:30 to get a table for 2. There was a boisterously loud group that cut across me at the door and the floor manager got swamped by them. I was left at the entrance for a while until another waiter spotted my neglected self. After apologising profusely, he managed to find some space for two at the bar upstairs. Oh bless him, what a sweetheart!
I was propped up with the drinks menu and the food menu, and for T’s sake, we ran through the list of GF options. I was relieved to hear that most of the dishes are GF or can be made thus.
Moving onto the drinks menu, Gingergirl caught my eye as I liked the description. Alas, it must have been popular, for the bar was out of gin. Instead, I got myself a Strawberry Fancy. It was a beautiful sweet long drink and I especially loved the cherry on top.

For food, we ordered just enough for a light meal as we were still reeling from the indulgently gourmet picnic spread at the races (perks of having friends who love food). T did volunteer to eat some red meats so I loaded him up with the grilled wagyu and duck san choi bao for entrée.
We both loved the duck san choi bao, and I approved of the oily sauciness of the dish. The fact that we got to fold our own was quite appealing as it allowed me to feed T more meat. The grilled wagyu is served as patties and the la lot leaves kept the meat very juicy and satisfyingly succulent.

For mains, we opted for the prik khing curry of vegetables and the dry green curry of crispy chicken. The prik khing curry featured some brave choices such as garlic roots and gourd melon, both of which would be quite unfamiliar to the Australian palate. 

The chicken green curry was very tasty and  I enjoyed the strong bold flavours. Although, I found the chicken a tad slightly too crunchy. Also, there were quite a few pieces with bones attached which I found slightly distracting. I would have enjoyed fewer pieces of more succulent chicken, and a larger dose of vegies. The green tomato sambal was however especially delightful!

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Daily Kitchen, Melbourne CBD

I hiked down to T's end of Little Collins to drop off a snack pack for him and he suggested getting lunch.

The Daily Kitchen was close by, and it appeared bright and clean and looked inviting. 

It reminded me a little of Earl Canteen, and a little of Nashi. Both of which are places that I like for their well priced, tasty, healthy office-friendly offerings. The Daily Kitchen is similar with their salads, sandwiches, wraps, desserts and snacks.  
They also have these incredibly ingenious lunch boxes which are packed with many little mounds of foods, much like a bento box, and made up of super foods and other healthy ingredients. Perfect for a glutton with an unfaithful appetite like I have as I find it hard to fixate on one food item at a time.

On this occasion, we got the GF creamy cheese egg salad sandwich, an ancient grain salad which is also GF and some tahini balls. I thought the tahini balls were also GF, or at least did not contain significant levels of gluten to cause material disturbance to T's functionality.
It's not like I was irresponsibly encouraging him to woff down a donut or sneak in a croissant.

Anyway, T and I made a bet and the matter is still pending deliberation as we are waiting to hear back from The Daily Kitchen. I, in my quest for the truth, took it upon myself to email the company on this important point of contention. 

To be continued... 

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