Thursday, September 3, 2015

Little Somethin' Somethin', Richmond

We were furniture shopping in the area and needed some sustenance to keep us going. All those fancy dining settings and plastic fruits must have triggered the hunger switch in our tummies. We
were torn between lining up for our beloved Top Paddock or reluctantly lining up for a smaller line at Pillar Of Salt. My previous experience here wasn't the greatest, but hunger made me weak.
Then I remembered this little café, less than a block from Pillar of Salt, and not quite halfway to Top Paddock. Just as I thought, it was buzzing without being  overcrowded, and we managed to get two seats at a bench near the window. It was only after we received the menu that I saw it was called Little Somethin' Something'

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Soap Bar Laundrette, Carlton

Along Elgin Street, there is a cool little laundromat with a cool little café. The café serves great coffee from The Sensory Lab and offers a number of food options including croissants and toasties, as well as cakes and pastries.
T tells me that the gluten free banana bread is very good, and I certainly really loved the strawberry sponge cake that I had one morning.
There is also plenty of chill out space, with a comfy couch, a few barstools, a good amount of reading materials, free wifi and a computer.

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Rice Queen, Fitzroy

Rice Queen has been a pioneer of Asian fusion cuisine for almost / over a decade now. I had missed out on visiting its former abode, but was lucky enough to try it for the very first time at its new home on Brunswick Street.
We were a large group and were put on a two course banquet menu. For $40pp, they would feed us a selection of starters and a selection of mains. When we arrived, we delighted over the fact that they had personalised the printed version of our menu for the night. The menu featured a number of enticing dishes and we were excited to get started.

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