Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fonda Mexican

Mnn Mexican! Fonda in the CBD is situated on Flinders Lane between Exhibition and Spring. It's a a bit out of the way but it's certainly in fine company with neighbors including Cumulus, Ceconi's, Kenzan and Nama Nama. The trek is certainly worth it for the good food and the reasonable prices.
We placed our order over the phone and they were really fast with the preparations.
For a 6-person order totaling more than $200, they took less than 20 minutes. Pretty impressive for two huge bags of freshly prepared food. Oh man when I say huge, I mean huge. Everything was separated into individually labeled cartons (as per our request) and neatly packed into large brown bags that looked like something that a laneway boutique might use. I felt like I had gone shopping!

Just as some books can be judged by their cover, food can also sometimes be judged by its packaging. The food was very good and the ingredients tasted very fresh! Fonda Mexican is a good takeaway option as well as a cool dine-in venue.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gyoza Gyoza, Melbourne CBD

M came back from dinner one night and could not stop raving about this "hot" waitress at a Japanese restaurant in Chinatown. I was intrigued. For M to get so excited, she must have been fairly special as M doesn't have a track record of chasing after Japanese girls.
T on the other hand, has always made clear his intentions of having multiple Japanese wives. Thus being the doting (G)F that I was at the time, I suggested that he should be taken there. However when the two of them did go, the "hot" one wasn't there.  

Nevertheless my curiosity remained and S and I decided to check it out one evening. We ordered a bunch of things to share and also some sweet Japanese concoction. Our food and drinks arrived reasonably quickly and everything tasted pretty good. The service was attentive and friendly although I was slightly disappointed to not be enchanted by the mythical "hot" one.  

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Friday, July 25, 2014

Gelato Messina, Fitzroy

I have been hearing fantastical tales about Gelato Messina for a painstakingly long while but never had the fortune of being taken there.
My friend J is an expert in food and her strong advocacy for their ice cream was a major factor for my inextinguishable desire to sample their flavours.
One fine Friday, I heard about an incredible Uber offer. By signing up to the Uber app with a special promo code, I could receive $20 in credits which could be used towards Uber deliveries of Gelato Messina ice cream, which were $20/tub. In effect, Uber was giving away free tubs of Gelato Messina ice cream. How could I say no!?
I went through the steps of downloading, signing up, logging in with my promo code and then encountered the screenshot below. #WhatDoYouMean? I kept trying for another 15 mins to no avail! By then, one of the other girls at work also said that her tub of goodness was on the way! Soon enough, I went down with R to meet her delivery and just as I was relaying my sob story to R’s delivery guy, I suddenly saw that my persistent finger-race had finally paid off and my screen showed that Megan was bringing my Gelato Messina and she was only 2mins away!
R and I carried our loot upstairs to many eager mouths that devoured the hard-won 1Lt in no time. As for the verdict on Gelato Messina, well the logic goes a little something like this:
Ice cream = good;
Free ice cream = great
Free ice cream from Gelato Messina = awesome
Free delivery of ice cream from Gelato Messina to the office = epic
Bearing that in mind, any opinions that I espouse on Gelato Messina could be slightly bias. So let me try to be as factual as I can. The 500mL tubs featured three flavours: salted caramel, chocolate brownie and Bounty. The salted caramel was smooth and velvety, the Bounty was a bit rougher and the chocolate brownie flavour was downright chunky! I like em’ smooth and I like em’ rough, but my favourite was the chocolate brownie flavour as I enjoyed the surprise of discovering each hidden chunk of chewy happiness.   

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