Sunday, February 22, 2015

Axil, Melbourne CBD

A has always provided wise advice and she loves the ginger bread men here. So I was quite keen to check these out. 

Axil does coffee and it does coffee really well. Since opening in the CBD, it's built up a loyal following amongst the nearby office buildings. As well as coffee, there is also a selection of sweet treats here including their popular ginger bread men. 

These aren't very big, but are quite dense and very thick. Like all good ginger bread men, they are adrmirably well decorated, and have quite a jolly look about them. They are quite tasty, but I would have liked the ginger flavoring to be a bit stronger. I wouldn't mind one every once in a while, but these (ginger bread) men wouldn't have me salivating with anticipation every afternoon at coffee-o'clock.
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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ganache Chocolates, Melbourne CBD

There are a few of these scattered around the place, including one tucked in between a strip of Collins Street shops near T&Co. 

They compete closely to Lindt, but they have first mover's advantage and people around here are used to going. T brought me some macarons which I shared with the office and our 101 neighbors. 

The fact that we had macarons to nibble on was in itself a wonderful treat. Although there were mixed opinions on how they tasted. 

The white vanilla one was loved by R, and B enjoyed the purple one whilst S found it a tad too sweet. I sampled a few bits of the dark fuchsia and the dark green, and found both a bit light on the flavoring. 

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Pillar of Salt, Richmond

Pillar of Salt is very cool, and this type of cool is for a lot of people, but it's not for me. 

Located amongst the busy South Yarra end of Church St, Pillar of Salt has chosen a smart location in relation to its target market. When I drove past on a lazy Sunday morning, there was already a crowd gathering outside, and no sign of an available parking spot nearby, not even a paid one. The combination of those two factors meant that I was already anxious and  annoyed before I even got there. 

Luckily S and C were already there and had put our names down. There was a wait of ~15mins in the sun. This would have been a welcoming interlude for most, but I have a slight aversion to tanning. I've tried it twice, and realised that the allure of a bronze glow in the short term isn't enough for me, given the accelerated risk of wrinkles, crackling, dryness and sunspots that I will have to bear in the longer term. 

When we were chosen to be taken to a table in the courtyard of the cafe, I felt like the kid who had just been chosen to play on a team in PE class.

My sense of relief was exponentially elevated, as I had to leave the car almost two blocks away, in a 1P area. By my calculations, I only had about 40mins left.

We sat down, and to make a long story short, we ended up waiting a long time for our food to arrive. It was disappointing enough to be kept waiting for so long, but it was even more disappointing that the table next to us who arrived and ordered after we did received their food first, and it was even more disappointing that not of of the staff came to assure us that our orders were on their way. It was all very cliche. 

Our food when it all arrived, did look quite beautiful, and we took our time examining each dish, trying to determine their composition and taking multiple photos from all angles. 

I had ordered the superfood salad after reading an article on breakfast salads in Melbourne. Unfortunately I found this one had an unpleasantly strange taste. There was a whiff of sourness to it that was almost nauseatingly pungent. Something didn't smell right, which affected the taste, and I started picking out each of the ingredients to work out why. The corn kernels were sweet enough, and the beans were bland enough. The goji berries and the kale both tasted as they would and were thus unlikely culprits. Thus, the inexplicable sourness could have come from the quinoa, if it had been soaked and kept in a warm area, or the liquid from the poached egg if it hadn't been drained properly, before being placed on the salad.

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