Friday, September 24, 2010

Afghan Gallery, Fitzroy

We came to Fitzroy looking for Spanish cuisine and hot Spanish waiters. However by the time we found parking we were famished and Afghan Gallery was just around corner. The name rang a bell and I remembered reading some rather positive reviews so we stumbled in.

Unsurprisingly the place was pretty full, and we got told to take a seat at a table near the door. We waited patiently for some menus and after three different wait staff, we finally received them. But our hunger made us overlook this glitch and we pursued the menu eagerly. All the items sounded really promising and it was definitely hard to make up our minds.

For entrée, we decided upon the chef's selection so that we could try a few things.

It was a bit surprising to be served pasta at an Afghan restaurant, and quite ordinary pasta at that. Personally, I felt it was a waste of my precious calories count. Also I was intrigued whether Afghan cuisine really used pasta. So I googled it and Wikipedia tells me that 'Pasta is called "khameerbob" in Afghanistan and is exclusively in the shape of dumplings. These native dishes are wildly popular.' Somehow I don't think that's quite what we had.

The rest of the entrées were much better and I quite liked the filling inside the pastry puffs although the pastry could have been more fluffy and these tasted reheated. But the dumplings (the real version) were quite interesting and the filling kept us guessing in a good way, trying to determine which meat they used to achieve its flavors. My bet was on lamb.

By this stage we had also figured out that the best way to get service around here was to ask for it. I didn't mind this too much, especially since the staff were all quite friendly once you did get their attention.

Soon after our mains arrived.

The lamb with spicy onions and sweet corn was quite fantastic. The flavors complemented each other and the lamb was soft and tender.

But the eggplant was my favorite! I may be bias because eggplant is one of my favorite foods of all time. But it was just so damn good. The pieces of eggplant melted in my mouth and every spoonful remained as addictive as the last. the dish was right in front of me so, sorry ppl if I seemed to be hogging the dish!

Both dishes were also served with soft fluffy rice which was perfect for catching the drippings of sauce.

Of course we could not leave without dessert and we had especially not overeaten to save ourselves for some sweet treats! The standout from the platter was the baklava.

Overall, I quite liked this quaint little place and it's definitely worth a try. Even if it is just to experience the novelty of Afghan cuisine.

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  1. I had a thoroughly good night. I think that was due to the company rather than the food though. Where are we next taking our stomachs?



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