Monday, December 13, 2010

Groove Train, Melbourne Central

Groove Train is supposed to have an awesome mango cheesecake. Unfortunately we didn't get to try it on the night, and therefore, there's not much I have to rave about this place. The food was only just bearable.

The eggplant chips were rather innovative and quite yum. But the serving portions were way too big given how oily they were. I think I would've preferred to pay less for a smaller serve. A smaller serve would've also made me appreciate them much more, because we had to force ourselves to finish half of it.

The pasta was alright, but nothing special. It was more sauce than actual ingredients, which was disappointing for the price we were paying. Even pasta from Fasta Pasta is better in that respect.

Lastly, the salad sucked. The feta cheese was of that tofu-esque variety. The lettuce was thinly shredded and sometimes brown. And to top it off, the whole thing was too watery. To say it wasn't great would be an understatement.

As for service, well, it wasn't much better than the food.

However, the night was saved by awesome company and tickles abound! Love you all! xx

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  1. yes I've had that experience too with both of the Groove trains. And they even have a 25% discount voucher in the Entertainment book



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