Thursday, December 30, 2010

Shadowfax Winery, Werribee

On a recent trip to Werribee Parks, we stayed at the Mansions Hotel. After an early check-in, we strolled to the Shadowfax Winery eager to attend our first ever wine tasting. We arrived just a bit past 11 and were the first people there. The staff was only beginning to set up so we took a quick look around the premises.

It wasn't very big and we were ready for lunch. However the kitchen did not open until 12, and it seemed like our rumbling stomachs would have to wait. Instead they started us on the tasting menu and about 5 glasses later, I was too happy to feel hungry.

Having finished setting the place up, the waitress came over and took our orders so that the kitchen could get it under way. Meanwhile, we moved onto the second tasting menu.

By the time our food was ready, some large groups were arriving and the place was filling up rather quickly. We were glad we had beat the rush.
Pizza toppings were great although the bottom was a tad burnt. But meh, I was too drunk to care at that stage.

The Hervey Bay scallops were quite spectacular and the sugar snaps were a nice touch.

Having had a quite satisfactory feed and quite happily drunk, we stumbled back to the grounds to explore the Mansion.

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