Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Ragam, Doncaster

As soon as I read about Ragam, I knew we had to go. From The Age's Epicure review of Ragam, one word mattered the most. 'Malayali'. The people who run this place hails from Malayali and so does N's father side of the family. In addition, finding a nice classy Indian restaurant has always presented a bit of a challenge for us and this looked like a real gem.

After finishing work in the Doncaster Westfield I got out of there as fast as I could so I wouldn't have to pay a ridiculous amount for parking and thus arrived a little earlier than expected. We took our time wandering around the Merc's dealership next door giggling at the A-Class hatchbacks and dreaming about the SLK's

We ventured in at about 6 o'clock and was warmly greeted by a sari-clad matron and led to a window seat. Four crisp papadams were quickly set down in front of us along with yoghurt and chutney based sauces.

Happily munching away, we pursued the menu and surveyed our surroundings. Plush maroon carpet lay beneath our feet and crystal chandeliers hung above our heads. I also gleefully noted that the cutlery was Stanley Rogers.

The rose lassi was initially uber creamy because I was too impatient to wait for the ice to melt. But it thinned out during the meal and reached a much smoother consistency. The flavour was sweet but not too overt and it balanced out the spiciness of the curries so nicely.

The chilli chicken was my favourite. The use of coriander and tomato against the other spices was so ingenious.

Between the two fish curries, we chose the spicier Kerala version. I thought it was ok because I'm not a huge fan of fish and the fishy flavor wasn't well masked. But N loved it and was only too happy to have it all to himself.

Ordering lamb stuffed nann was a bit of an overkill on my part, but I was craving it and Ragam did not disappoint. These were delicious and so good slathered with the sauce from the curries and topped with some yoghurt sauce.

Sadly, our stomachs failed us and we could not fit in dessert and had to ask for some of the stuff to be packed for takeaway. But we will most definitely be back. Very soon.

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