Saturday, May 5, 2012

Royal Saxon, South Yarra

The venue is conveniently located and I arrived early enough to park right outside it. We were ushered upstairs to a row of three or four tables behind the bar. The staff seemed to be a bit overwhelmed and we had to order drinks at the bar. Service became even more confused as they tried to get our group to settle down and get on with the food orders. Our pizzas eventually arrived, although the turnaround could have been quicker. The crust was deliciously thin, and satisfyingly crispy around the edges. However, topping seemed a touch sparse, and a handful more of ingredients would have enabled the pizzas to achieve perfection.


On a side note, do make sure that you're dressed for this place. On a previous occasion, we tried to come here after an interoffice soccer game nearby and the staff were quite unwilling to let us enter as we were in soccer gear. That is, until a few of the suits arrived and one of the partners threw down his card at the bar. 

This time I donned glitter and sequins and even sported some ridiculous tan lines for good measure. 

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