Friday, October 19, 2012

Babble, Chapel St

It is only human nature that one might have the need to dress over-zealously for totga. Thus I had envisaged a particularly ludicrous outfit for our first friendly encounter. With this at the forefront of my mind, and bearing in mind other practical considerations, I suggested Chapel St.

P delivered a short and curt reply of 'maybe somewhere less congested and plastic'. Plastic indeed! Chapel St seemed to be the ideal backdrop for my possibly-too-bright velour hoodie, possibly-too-low cut tee, possibly-too-tight jeans and possibly-too-high neon heels.

Being a good friend, P let me have my way and relented to meet me at Greville x Chapel. Initially I wanted to visit E.D.V. however to my disappointment, it wasn't open. Amici was across the road, but P was adamant about his no-carbs diet as he wanted to ensure a smashingly irresistible body for his getaway to Thailand.

P suggested the corner cafe, and I instantly knew which one he meant. Despite my outward disgruntlement,  I was secretly ecstatic that he'd inadvertently picked one of the places that I've always really wanted to visit. My inner child jumped up and down in glee.

Fortunately, my enthusiasm for this place was substantiated in due course. P's chicken was of such succulence and tenderness that I would have gladly devoured a whole piece of meat by myself. Of course, it would not have been appropriate to act with so little decorum in front of totga, so I kept my cutlery well within the bounds of my own salad bowl. 

Someone, somewhere, must have taken pity on me for the two hours of exquisite suffering that was to ensue - my mixed salad bowl consisted of nearly all of my favorite ingredients. It was a healthy and delicious combination of Greek salad, Asian greens, and Mexcian beans with avocado salsa.

Amidst the sometimes uncomfortable topics of conversation and the frequent bouts of nervous giggles, I was thankful for the delicious food, terrific staff, and distracting crowd.

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