Friday, October 19, 2012

City Grill Room, Melbourne CBD

Like many of Melbourne's treasures, the City Grill Room is tucked away, down a little lane way, off Little Lonsdale Street. The restaurant itself is large and spacious yet the dim lighting lent the space a suitable degree of intimacy. 

For our dining party of two, we were seated at one of the smaller tables on the edge of the room. The middle of the dining room was made up of clusters of tables presumable for larger groups. It seemed to be a well thought out seating plan. Service was similarly thoughtful and the staff were attentive but non-intrusive.

The food also impressed us both. I was especially taken with my starter of baked mushrooms in herb sauce, topped with feta cheese. The mushrooms were soft and juicy and perfect for soaking up the flavors of the herb sauce. Meanwhile, the feta cheese had some soft and crumbly chunks as well as being baked to crispy perfection in other parts. 

For mains, I ordered the salmon and B chose the porterhouse. The salmon was delectably medium rare - the outside was slightly crispy, the meat was flaky and the innermost center was soft! As for the steak, B said that it must be one of the best that he's ever had - possibly even the best! 

In addition, the signature Monkeygland sauce was a memorable blend most resembling smoky Jack Daniels BBQ sauce. Being a true sucker for different flavors, I enjoyed the numerous varieties and copious amount of sauces which came with our meals. The side serve of grilled vegetables also complemented our mains splendidly. Generous portions meant we were well satiated before we could even contemplate dessert. then again, in consideration of our plans to run a 10k marathon together, this was possibly a good thing for both B and I.

Many thanks to B for a delicious feast and a thoroughly enjoyable evening! Thanks also for being a true gentleman and making sure that I would get home safe and sound.

PS: I loved the selection in the lolly bowl at the front! There were even bandung (rose) flavored Mentos chews! I'll have to find out where they sourced them from. 

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