Friday, October 19, 2012

Papa Goose, Melbourne CBD

Papa Goose served memorable food. The cauliflower and chive soup with truffle oil was a creamy blend of indulgence, full bodied in both flavor and texture. These complimentary starters provided a thoughtful touch as we dined here on a cold winter's night. This was especially appreciated as we had ordered freshly shucked oysters which were perfectly chilled and retained a faint whiff of the ocean.

My main was a most inspired combination of ingredients that challenged conventional palates. Crispy strips of salty smoked meat were used to wrap around tender morsels of sweet rabbit meat, creating a curious interplay of flavors. These were placed haphazardly amongst a patch of soft creamy puree and topped with an odd assortment of slow cooked fruits and vegetables, with enough jus to nourish everything on the plate.

We didn't have time to stay for dessert, but I did spy several tantalising options and will be looking forward to revisiting. Even if snooty service has to be endured, my inner glutton sneers at such trivial adversities.

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