Saturday, December 1, 2012

Birthday Breakfast

That morning, we had stayed awake, talking, until about five am. When the alarm woke us up at nine am, I felt like my world was splintering. By half past ten, I had finished the half empty bottle of champagne from the night before. On a morning full of trials and tribulations, realizations and revelations, it was little wonder that our fragile friendship did not fall apart. Somehow, we managed to hold it together, and as we stepped out together into the city, we lost our troubled selves in the lunchtime crowds that swirled around us. He guided me thru a maze of office buildings and laneways to arrive at Hardware Societe.

We were wholly impressed with the attentive service, although we both felt that we had perhaps made poor choices. Both of our orders were quite unimpressive and left us wanting. My pastry flaked with poetic sadness and the vegetables inside were overcooked and indistinguishable. The coffee was good, however it was silly how we had to hold onto our cups for the most part. We both agreed that perhaps larger tables, or smaller plates might be pertinent.

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On the way back, we stopped for some macarons and with so many irresistible choices, I couldn't help myself. The sheer range of flavours including Early Grey, Cherry Blossom, Lavender  and Raspberry was enough to make me swoon. Then, I bit into one, and became instantenenously love struck. <3 p="p">

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