Friday, December 21, 2012

Cafe Rosamond, Fitzroy

I'm not usually in the habit of writing immediate reviews. However my visit tonight to Cafe Rosamond for their Dessert Night warranted me undertaking such an endeavor. The primary reason is that I am wary that I would forget the multitude of flavors and ingredients presented to us.  

This difficulty occurs because there was no menu on Dessert Night, and the main ingredients and dominant flavours are verbally communicated by the staff as each course is served. At the beginning of the night, patrons are asked to select from one, two or three course, with test tubes served as a starter. We decided to share the three course option between the two of us, but with a separate test tube each. 

The test tubes were delightfully fun to consume and tonight's was inspired by the classic apple crumble. Perhaps the best way to describe them would be to liken them to oversized dessert straws, through which we suck up the apple jelly, the vanilla custard and the sweet crumble. Also, because it was close to Christmas and because tonight was the last Dessert Night of 2012, we were also served creamy and rich eggnog which complemented the test tubes wonderfully.

Our first course relied on a coupling between berry and lavender to create a harmonious and admirable entree. The flavours were mostly mellow and the parts which made up this dish were mostly soft and malleable. 

The main course was a bit more ambitious and attempted a polygamous marriage of hazelnut, coconut, lemon, and caramel. It was an intriguing mix which was surprisingly refreshing and light.

The third course, which was dominated by the juxtaposing of chocolate against balsamic vinegar, was perhaps my favourite for the night. This was strong, unapologetic and hypnotizing.

Overall, tonight was an interesting and memorable experience. My tastebuds were enticed and my palate was challenged. I was really impressed by the brave and unconventional combination of flavours and the strange and eclectic utilisation of ingredients. The array of different techniques employed to create the many elements in each course were wide ranging and showcased both skill and confidence. However, even so, the first course and the third course felt very similar both in terms of presentation and technique. Also, it is worth noting that the $50 price tag is pretty hefty and the portion sizes weren't exactly overwhelming, which was great for the calorie count but left me wanting. 

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