Thursday, December 20, 2012

Golden Fields, St Kilda

This belongs to that new wave of Asian fusion restaurants which seems to have captured the hearts and souls and eager mouths of Melbourne. Secretly I am proud of the influx of Asian influence on Australian cuisine. However, I am also usually quite hesitant to have great expectations because I'm never sure whether their claim to fame is because they are actually very good, or rather because they are regarded as exotic and different and therefore interesting. 

Overall, Golden Fields performed well. Their signature lobster rolls were memorably delicious and devastatingly addictive. They were just too good and we obsessively mulled over how we could replicate these at home.

For mains, we deferred to the daily special as all of us are quite obsessed with pork belly. The pork belly was pretty perfect, although we find the portion size to be a bit small. Although each serve was recommended for sharing between two, I could have easily finished the whole thing by myself. Thus it was unsurprising that the boys grumbled a bit about this. 

We also found it a bit odd that the freshly shucked oysters that we'd ordered arrived after our mains were cleared away. All of us didn't relish the idea of slippery oysters followed by dessert. Perhaps, influenced by this perplexing turn of service, the boys chose more lobster rolls for 'dessert'. Actually, who am I kidding, the lobsters were just THAT good.

As for the actual desserts, they were needless to say, divine! I loved both equally. Luckily for the boys, we were happy to share the calorie count.

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  1. Hello! :)
    I have to say their lobster rolls are the best! :D
    I wish they had the pork belly dish as a permanent dish as it looks great!

    And is that dessert the miso one? :)


    1. Yup we loved the taste of both! Very memorable.

      For desserts we chose the baked meringue with rose, vanilla, lychee and the peanut butter parfait with salted caramel, chocolate



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