Sunday, December 16, 2012

Murmur and Portello Rosso, Melbourne CBD

Just as there is always a great woman behind every successful man, Portello Rosso's success can be partly attributed to its companion Murmur. Inconsipicuosly sitting side by side in Warburton Lane, Murmur and Portello Rosso are an enviable couple. 

Tucked away up stairs, Murmur is an enchanting space. Deliberate clusters of mismatched furniture, exposed ceiling beams and haphazardly placed objects all contribute to Murmur's unique charm. Pirate paraphernalia is strewn about the place, interjected with occasional bouts of decadence. The decorators seem to have been inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean: The Black Pearl. 

There is an engaging drinks list to choose from, and the bar staff are pretty knowledgeable. There were so many tempting cocktails that I ended up choosing the Rose because I didn't know which one to pick. (Sigh, first world problems indeed.)

Murmur also provides a number of tasty food offerings courtesy of Portello Rosso. However we were tempted by the full menu and so we decided to head next door for dinner.

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Portello Rosso was busily abuzz and we were lucky to score the last table upstairs. Even on a weeknight, it was packed to the rafters and the diners were closely seated together. This suited me just fine as I could take sneak peeks (or gawk not so sneakily) at what other people were eating. On any other occasion, I probably would have greedily chosen a paella and hogged both portions to myself, but it had already been a long and arduous week of gluttony. Displaying unprecedented levels of self restraint, I only ordered two small tapas dishes, even going so far as to make one of those a salad. Luckily for me, B chose well by selecting the octopus, the pork belly and the lamb. Needless to say, I had a taste of all of the above. Thanks for sharing B!

At the end of our procession of dishes, we were full and content, but still able to contemplate dessert. I almost faltered at this point of the meal, but B is a truly admirable dining companion, for at this most crucial moment, he pounced on my hesitation. The ice cream terrine that we ended up sharing was a delicious example of culinary ingenuity. Really, it's so great having a dining companion who loves his desserts as much as I do, if not more.

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