Monday, December 17, 2012

San Choi, Kew

Dinners with family friends always leads to inevitable bouts of food coma. San Choi is an all time favourite because the food is reliable and we never grow tired of their signature dishes. There are private dining rooms and our family friends seem to find this familiar feature comforting. (In the earlier days, they used to be oh-so-confuddled by the scarcity of private dining rooms in the fine restaurants of Melbourne.) In addition, the kitchen is usually quite accommodating and has cooked to order.

Some of our favourites include the deep fried pig trotters, the steamed fish and San Choi is also very good at cooking lobsters and/or crabs. I recall when one of our family friends felt particularly ravenous a few months back and decided to order both. Personally I prefer the taste of lobster meat, but San Choi employs a vermecelli base with its crabs which makes for an interesting change from the usual.

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