Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Fussy Connoisseur of Simple Foods

Eating with P has taught me to consider many aspects of food that I did not used to think about. 

P eats quickly and preferably in blissful silence, whereas I have a tendency to savor every bite and maintain appropriate levels of chit-chat between each bite. 

For him, eating is about energy - he eats because he needs to and consumes food in an efficient and methodical manner. On the other hand, I had grown accustomed to treating each occasion of eating as occasions. I eat out of obligation, appropriateness or even curiosity. In fact, I can hardly remember the last time I ate out of hunger. 

P is a fussy eater. He also prefers simple foods that are comforting, familiar and uncomplicated. In many ways, he is much more discerning about his food than I am. For me, I'll eat most things that land on my plate. If it's good, I'll eat it and then rave about it, if it's not that great, I'll probably still eat it and then rant about it. 

After almost a year of eating with him, I've compiled some of P's favorite and trusted places where he can be guaranteed a quick, easy, and simple meal. 

1. P loves pho, and there is only one place where he can find pho made to his liking. The main reason is that Saigon Pho is one of the few places who offers pho with grilled chicken. As odd as that is to me and the populace at large, it is the only topping that P will ever have with his pho. To be fair, the pho here is quite good and I've also grown to like this place for its clean premises, efficient service and friendly owners. 

But most of all, I think I like coming here because it makes him happy. 

Saigon Pho (Carlton) on Urbanspoon

2. Recently, P shared one of his all time favorite eateries with me. The fact that P even keeps such places surprised me. Frankly, I should have been affronted by the fact that it took him this long to trust me with such intimate details of his eating preferences.

Marios Cafe on Urbanspoon

3. For something that is convenient and easy, P always takes me to Qube. It's a local cafe near his place and we come here when we are lacking the mental rigor and/or emotional capacity to contemplate and/or debate other options. The food is usually pretty alright, the service passable and the prices tolerable. The menu contains most of the usual suspects, although the specials board usually offers some creative choices. There is also a tempting selection of desserts that we are always and forever promising each other that we will try.

Cafe Qube on Urbanspoon

4. P has just only very recently given his tick of approval to Spicy Fish, after we came here to satisfy his dumpling cravings. He confessed that he had been longing for dumplings since I'd gotten him hooked on them in Shanghai. Since then, he has tried to satiate his cravings, but has been mostly unsuccessful. Thus we both agreed that my guidance on this quest for epicurean fulfillment would be highly fitting. We had an enjoyable meal interjected with rounds of 13, and we left Spicy Fish happy.

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