Monday, December 17, 2012

The Merrywell, Southbank

Eating and drinking at The Merrywell on a sunny afternoon made me merry. After introducing the guys to one another, they soon became engrossed in their discussion of various big ideas. This suited me just fine, as I was left to eat and drink to my heart's content.

The Merrywell brought back many fond memories of America. The food is unapologetically fattening and the portions are obnoxiously large. All that greasy deliciousness washed down with swigs of sweet fizziness made me so content. 

It was hard to pick a favorite but Y is a huge fan of the fries and it was actually his cravings which had brought us to The Merrywell. The chicken was of course for P, and he steadfastly ate most of it without acknowledging the fact. As for the onion rings, they were perhaps one of the best that I have ever had in Melbourne. I was only too sad that the guys became too full, too quickly, and didn't want to stick around for a round of burgers. 

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