Friday, December 21, 2012

Fairfield Park Boathouse, Fairfield

To fulfill a challenge (and perhaps in an attempt to make me happy), P planned for us to undertake a series of activities selected for my sake. One of those activities involved the age-old tradition of taking afternoon tea.

Fairfield Park is a secluded oasis situated less than fifteen minutes away from the CBD and amidst the urban sprawl. We fed ducks in the nearby river and contemplated the rowing boats before we came for afternoon tea at the Boathouse. Retaining the charms of a bygone era, the Boathouse is an old building which now houses the cafe serving coffee and tea, and cakes and biscuits and most importantly, scones! There is also another vendor serving savory options and hot foods.

We chose a spot outside on the veranda overlooking the river, enjoying the sunshine, a mild breeze and easy conversations. Sitting there, it was as if time stood still and that moment could have been infinite. 

As we waited for our fresh scones, we indulged in some childish scribbling and this masterpiece was the result of our collaborative efforts: a five tiered embellished tree surrounded by presents, guarded by a roly poly ball of furry intelligence, in front of a blazing fire made of real wood, with stockings plentifully filled with treats and a hunting rifle to complete the scene. Merry Christmas everyone!

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