Saturday, May 11, 2013

Food Republik and Movenpick, Boxhill

Food Republik is a fantastic idea that is highly reminiscent of food courts in Asia, and the food options have a strong Taiwanese influence. the menu is huge and features a number of different "hawkers" who are placed around the space. Unlike in Asia where customers would approach the vendors individually, there are wait staff on hand to take orders for all the vendors and bring the food to the table. Perhaps as Food Republik gains popularity, it can revert to the more authentic ordering system. That being said, the menu does proffer an authentic spread of dishes that are comfortingly familiar and evoke many fond memories.

Food Republik on Urbanspoon

Afterwards, we stopped by Movenpick, which is also a recent addition to the strip and tasted their wares. It's so great to see them in Melbourne and who knows, if we are lucky enough, maybe Haagen Daaz will open shop here as well!

Movenpick Boxhill on Urbanspoon

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