Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Brunetti, Carlton

I’d always taken it as gospel that Brunetti’s was a heralded institution representing sweet delights and irresistible temptations. Until I visited their Carlton store for the first time a few months ago, I had not fully appreciated the full extent of the Brunetti enterprise. The full selection of more than hundreds of cakes, pastries, biscuits, and other sweet offerings made me realise just why Brunetti's has earned its reputation.

We arrived one night after I’d finished work early and even at 10:30, the place was buzzing with people. When I expressed my wonderment, P told me that it was usually even busier and we were lucky that we could secure a table without too much searching.  

There were endless rows and rows of delicious offerings and my mind boggled at the choices. I was so overwhelmed, that I ended up with some rather tame options. The cannoli is an old-time favorite and this one was quite good. The outside was crisp and the custard soft - although, my personal preference would have been for the custard to be slightly more creamy and less gelatinous. Given their Italian heritage, I was intrigued at the rather extensive selections of macaron flavours and chose three for assessment. To their credit, the flavours were distinguishable and they were well-made. The last item that shall have to remain nameless for now as I can't quite remember what it was called. But it was definitely my favourite and reminded me of a vanilla slice. It is essentially puff pastry enclosed around a substantive amount of custard, and glazed with sweet sweet icing - irresistible!

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