Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cru Food and Wine Bar, Dallas TX

Cru means a vineyard or group of vineyards, especially one of recognized superior quality and thus it is no surprise that Cru is the chosen name for a series of wine bars in Texas. The space is dark and intimate and the services is comprehensive but unintrusive. In other words, it was a perfect place for a date - and this was certainly the case as all of the tables were filled with couples or prospectable couples (including ours, I suppose). 

M was still slightly distraught over a missent work email and let me have free reign over the menu. For entrees we shared a majestically rich cheese fondue, a slightly more delicate crab cake and a palate cleansing beetroot beets, kale and goats cheese salad. Our entrees were paired with a sweet 2011 Riesling from Germany that I really enjoyed. 

From there, we progressed onto mains of sea bass for M and short spare ribs for me. Which is to say that we made it really difficult for the sommelier to choose wine flights for us. He did rather well enough to please M with both his own set of three AND mine - which was good enough for me as I'm quite indifferent towards my wine, and especially reds whereas M is rather excitable on the topic. His coffee table reading consists of The Economist, TIME, The Wine Enthusiast and a copy of the Wine Guide 2013.

We finished with the molten chocolate cake which was superbly oozilicious and its sweet richness complemented the remaining glasses of reds. 

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