Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sushi Hotaru, Melbourne CBD

This bustling sushi train joint is ubiquitously located upstairs at 200 Bourke Street. Customers take a set of non-descript elevators from next to the bubble-cup shop and arrive amongst a myriad of mostly empty shop fronts. If not for the line of people flowing out the door and around the corner, it would have taken us far longer to stumble upon the tucked away entrance.

At $3/plate for the majority of the menu, it’s easy to understand its popularity.  We were quite lucky to get seated soon after our arrival as there were only the two of us and we didn’t mind sitting at the bar. It was P’s first time at sushi train, but I was giddy with excitement and couldn’t wait to snatch plates off the train tracks. We were in prime location to do this as we were seated close to the sushi chefs and the plates had to travel past us to get to the rest of the restaurant.

In quick succession, I had procured about three plates of freshly prepared sushi for immediate consumption, and had also used the touch screen (oh YES! YES! YES!) in front of us to order more food. The quality and standard of the offerings were both outstanding given that most plates were reasonably priced at $3. Of course, there are pricier and more substantive items on the menu, and even those represent good money for value. The service is more than adequate and more than what I would expect from a place that utilised touch screens. After an hour of binge consumption, P threatened call it quits when the towering stack of plates threatened to topple over. Even my evil eyes weren’t enough to convince P otherwise.  

After terse negotiations, he reluctantly agreed to dessert as the desserts don’t come on plates that could be added to the plate stack, and therefore, ratio decidendi for ceasing consumption was not applicable to those instances

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