Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Grain Store, Melbourne CBD

The Grain Store is a relatively new entrant to the Melbourne food scene and it recently shot up the ranks at Urbanspoon. I was lucky enough to receive 4 invitations to the store opening and came by on a Friday night to be wined and dined. Thus, a full disclaimer is appropriate at this point to dispel any notions of potential impropriety.

Located at the other end of the city, The Grain Store adds a streak of cheeriness to the otherwise quiet  end of Flinders Lane. We arrived after a long trek from the other end of the CBD and we were thirsty and hungry when we were greeted by a very handsome and very well dressed doorman who ticked our names off his list and ushered us in.

There were plenty of drinks to go around and the staff were diligent in topping up our glasses. We enjoyed the wine and the bubbly and amused ourselves with The Grain Store's very inspired menu. There were a number of intriguing items that I would love to come back to try and we all agreed that it would make for a fantastic lazy weekend hangout. At the same time, the space is versatile and one could definitely imagine its appeal as a chic dining option and/or an after work hotspot.

Soon enough, we saw platters of food being circulated around the room. The canape selection was both thoughtful and extensive. Unfortunately, we sat closer to the bar than to the kitchen, and we did not get the chance to sample as much food as there were going around. 

At the conclusion of the event, we were all sent away with some sweet delights, and these delicious cookies and brownies certainly gave us reasons to revisit The Grain Store. 

The Grain Store on Urbanspoon

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