Saturday, February 22, 2014

B'Churrasco, Melbourne CBD

Having heard wind of the launch event, we trekked to A’Beckett Street in eager anticipation of a good night. This part of the city is becoming quite the foodies’ hangout with Captain Melville and Darac nearby. We were elated to discover the huge converted space and the buzz being generated by the crowd.

I was very taken with the front counter which was made up of stacked books (of the bound variety) and an ode to its previous life as a publishing house.

The front of house was a bit absent and we had to prompt her for a welcome and prod her even further to get instructions on where we should sit, how we should order and what we they would like us to do. Even so, it was a bit of a struggle to get useful information, and we decided to work it out for ourselves.

First, we wandered over to the bar and redeemed our drink cards. There is a good selection and the drinks menu is moderately priced. The bar looks out onto a garden-style area and there were already a few groups of patrons outside. There was also some sort of corporate function going on to the right hand side of the bar so we kept on wandering around and eventually found some free seats on a communal table.

The next two hours were an agonising blend of hunger, frustration and incredulity. As we tried to obtain/order food, the staff appeared to be confused, annoyed and/or apologetic.

Memorable highlights from the night include:
- “Sorry we don’t have/can’t provide any cutlery” 
- “That table are guests of the owner, so this platter is only for them”
- “The kitchen has decided it won’t take any orders from the menu”

Due to a disappointing combination of poorly managed expectations, poor planning and sheer silliness, I thought B'Churrasco’s opening night was a bomb. This was rather unfortunate because what scarce food we did receive was actually quite good. We decided to cut our losses and left before the event was due to end.

On our way out, we observed the spectacle of two chefs, three servers and a photographer crowding around one plate (note: not platter) of food in the open plan kitchen. Meanwhile, the growling stomachs of a whole restaurant of hungry guests reached a crescendo (except THAT table of course).

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  1. poor you. luckily I had dinner elsewhere. did you manage to order off their menu?

    It would be nice if you have Google plus.



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