Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snag Stand, Melbourne Central

There is nothing else quite as satisfying as the sight of a saucy hotdog with too many ingredients piled on top and bursting out of a fluffy bun.

We are a nation of self-confessed sausage-lovers, yet Australians have resisted against the hotdog for far too long. Perhaps it's our obstinate patriotism which has prevented us from embracing the hotdog. My hotdog-related memories are a sad album of 7-11's, sport kiosks, canteen ladies, and limp meat.

But Snag Stand makes hotdogs cool. There is a cool menu with cool snag choices such as Chicken & Rocket, Wagyu Beef and the ultimate cool choice, Toulouse. Toulouse is the capital city of Haute-Garrone, in Southwest France, and it is known for its Saucisses de Toulouse. Speaking of 'haute', Snag Stand refers to its 'all natural, hand crafted, artisanal sausages' as haute-dogs - pretty cool name huh! The menu also features other haute-stuff such as chips made from Tasmanian russet potatoes and onion rings cooked in cholesterol free oil and seasoned with natural sea-salt flakes. Just to be really uber-cool, they also offer veggie haute-dogs and gluten free options. Be cool and check them out!

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