Monday, May 5, 2014

St Ali at Rue & Co, Melbourne CBD

Hip hip hoorah! Finally, I will be able to source good coffee after 5pm. Less than a block away, the St Ali Pop Up store will be making its renowned brew until 10pm every night. 

The St Ali Pop Up store also has a breakfast menu and burgers and baked goods thereafter. They've also got an awesome range of drinks on offer. 

I headed over there for dinner today and came away with a bit of everything to sample. 

First up, I had the Royale burger featuring a perfectly juicy Wagyu patty, salad, oozy cheese AND loads of sauce, bulging out of an oily brioche bun. It was absolutely heavenly. 

Fearing that I had a long night ahead with my combo model, I also got profiteroles. As can be seen from the egg carton container, they only have the same circumference of a normal sized egg. The size is pretty small given they are $3.50 each, so I convinced myself that it was much more sensible to buy 4 for $10. When 11pm came and went, and I was still at the office, I congratulated myself for the smart move by polishing off the last profiterole.

Although, I did try to imitate some semblance of a balanced diet, by adding a green smoothie to my order. At $10 for a jar, it was also pretty pricey. But, it was thick and velvety and delicious and I liked the fact that it came in a sealed jar. 

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