Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hammer & Tong, Melbourne CBD

Hammer & Tong currently holds #1 position on Urbanspoon and there is certainly much merit to this.

We had the infamous soft-shell crab burger with gluten free bread so that T could also indulge in this. T's willingness to eat soft shell crab is still a precariously new thing but I managed to persuade him to try a bite. Then he took another voluntary bite, and another. Yep, it was good alright! The soft shell crab was suitably crunchy yet sufficiently juicy as a result of the oil that it was fried in and the natural juice from the crab meat. The cabbage slaw added extra freshness and texture which was balanced by a generous lashing of creamy sauce.

We also had the lamb ribs which were full of flavor and finger lickin' good. This contrasted well with the elegant salad that accompanied it which provided a nice reprieve to the smokiness of the meat. One minor change I would suggest is to soften the meat a bit more and / or use a fattier cut.


T tells me that he can sense my mood by the words that I use and the tone that I adopt in my blogposts. I hope that it doesn't require too much deciphering on his part to sense the sheer happiness that I felt after visiting Hammer & Tong. 
Hammer & Tong on Urbanspoon

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