Sunday, August 10, 2014

Nieuw Amsterdam, Melbourne CBD

Tucked away behind some formidable dark doors on Hardware Street is an fine establishment with wooden floorboards and leather booths reminiscent of a Southern saloon.
It’s a little bit fancy, but it’s also a little bit grungy. The wait staff looked like they would have interesting taste in music and indeed my favourite song by Passenger played at some point during lunch.
The menu features a bit of every kind of flavour as it’s certainly not every day that Korean kimchi fried rice is on the same piece of paper as a Reuben sandwich. After a bit of deliberation, we settled on the following. JL chose to go with a meat tray and JS never had a Rueben before so she decided to give it a whirl.
I was actually feeling really sick and probably should have been erring on the side of caution, but I had heard too much about the infamous clam chowder to say pass. I congratulated myself on my own courage when this large pan of creamy goodness arrived in front of me, causing much food envy and commotion amongst the other diners. It was very creamy, very oily and very delicious.

There were plenty of succulent clams in there to keep me interested, although the use of cherry tomatoes confounded my senses a little. Also, I prefer my chowder a bit thicker and would have liked the potato pieces to be more mash-like than piece-like.

On the topic of potatoes, the potato chips which came with JS’s Reuben was one of the best that I’ve had. It was a flawless rendition of a crisp and crunchy skin and fluffy softness inside.
I was mesmerised.
Afterwards, we shared the peanut butter waffle. It was a carefully deconstructed master piece which blew us away. I found the actual waffle base a little underwhelming but was quite taken with the indulgent salted peanut caramel ice cream complemented by the sprinkle of peanuts.

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