Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Self Preservation, Melbourne CBD

This delightful little place makes my walks to and fro home much more enjoyable because of the wonderful window displays featuring cakes and pastry or salads and quiches on one side and jewelry and trinkets in the other. Every single time, my mind wanders and I imagine myself sitting there on a lazy weekend without a care, watching the world pass me by, It intrigued me for quite a good while until when I visited one Saturday afternoon just as I imagined I might. It was so relaxing to not have to think about the next deadline or the next appointment and just sit somewhere without having to sneak peeks at the blackberry or the clock.
The food tasted just as good as it looked in the windows and the soup was very creamy and very smooth and brought a pleasant surge of warmth. The bread was a standout and as it was a good mix of crunchy crust and doughy bread.
We sat and chatted and gazed at each other, and at our surroundings – admittedly there were so many adornments on the walls that I got distracted. After the meal, I indulged in some further gazing and wishing at the newly opened Marais store across the road, and T indulged me.   

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